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Educational Setting Support

Quinn Developmental Services

School-wide Consultation for Educational Staff

Service Includes:

  • Consultation for teachers/aides/other school staff that is in school districts in our service region customized to the district’s setting and resources. Support involves pre-determined weekly visits and/or “on call” on-site intermittent support
  • This expertise covers all severity levels of behavior and/or learning – whether behavior and/or skill/education deficits, and may involve students with or without special needs.
  • This service offers on-site second opinion expert support teachers and staff as student issues come and go
  • This service coordinates well with other optional program segments

Group Activity Workshops

Quinn Developmental Services

Social Skills Development

  • Meeting specific individual needs in the child’s natural setting which allows for comfort and ease
  • Emphasis placed on conversation skills, peer interactions, conflict resolution and understanding non-verbal language and cues as well as specific target needs of the client
  • Taught by Special Educators and Behavior Analysts
  • Grouping based on age and skill level
  • Initial theoretical training provided with guidelines for facilitation followed by modeling sessions and specific feedback to the group for future sessions monitored

Individualized Case Consulting

Quinn Developmental Services

One-on-one therapy for a child and their support system – services include:

  • Therapy for all severity levels of behavior and/or learning – whether challenging behavior and/or skill/education deficits
  • Clients/children primarily involve preschool and school age children, with or without diagnosed developmental disabilities
  • Cases begin with our comprehensive and objective assessment – to include a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
  • Follow up therapy /teaching takes place in the child’s settings – home, school, playground, church, etc.
  • Programming is customized and continuously adjusted to the client’s specific needs – applying the use of research proven Applied Behavior Analysis (Behavioral Science) methodologies to include: Verbal behavior (VB) in home / school, Discrete Trial Training (sometimes incorrectly referred to as ABA), play therapy, Floor Time, PECS, social interaction, etc.
  • Case supervision and hands-on support is provided by our expert field team – Behavior Consultants(Graduate Degrees in such and/or Board Certified), Behavior Consultant Interns, and Field Specialists (to include Special Education Teachers)
  • Individualized Case Consulting time involvement can span from a few weeks to a couple of years.Examples include:
  • Funding for services comes from 3rd party organizations/schools or direct-pay from parents. We have payer relationships with School Districts and Intermediate Units, and private funders, all in the Philadelphia Suburbs (primarily centered around Montgomery County). We have payer relationships directly with parents – providing some with the opportunity (and documentation) to pursue insurance reimbursement.


Quinn Developmental Services

For Teachers, Aides, Staff, Parents and Children

QDS provides excellent theoretical training in an effort to bridge the gap between theory and application of services for children.  Many years of public feedback has emphasixed the superior expertise of the speakers and the day to day usefulness of the information provided.

Training Include:

  • What is ABA?
  • What is ABA – Advanced
  • Applied Behaivor Analysis – Challenging Behavior
  • Applied Behaivor Analysis – Teaching Skills
  • Overview of Autism & Aspergers Spectrum
  • Writing Goals and Objectives for IEPs
  • Utilizing Classroom Aides
  • Social Skills Training & Facilitating play dates/groups
  • Overview of how to Toilet Train Children w/Special Needs
  • Activity Schedules for Children w/Special Needs
  • Overview of Selective Mutism

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