Quinn Developmental Services

For Teachers, Aides, Staff, Parents and Children

QDS provides excellent theoretical training in an effort to bridge the gap between theory and application of services for children.  Many years of public feedback has emphasixed the superior expertise of the speakers and the day to day usefulness of the information provided.

Training Include:

  • What is ABA?
  • What is ABA – Advanced
  • Applied Behaivor Analysis – Challenging Behavior
  • Applied Behaivor Analysis – Teaching Skills
  • Overview of Autism & Aspergers Spectrum
  • Writing Goals and Objectives for IEPs
  • Utilizing Classroom Aides
  • Social Skills Training & Facilitating play dates/groups
  • Overview of how to Toilet Train Children w/Special Needs
  • Activity Schedules for Children w/Special Needs
  • Overview of Selective Mutism

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