Questions & Answers

What is Quinn Developmental Services (QDS)?
How long has the program been around?
What kinds of cases do you handle?
What kind of experience do QDS’s Associates have?
What is ABA? and Do you do ABA?
Is your program more “child directed” or an “ABA” approach?
How long is service provided?
Who funds your service? Is this Wrap Around?
What makes QDS different from other Behavioral Providers?

What is Quinn Developmental Services (QDS)?   It is a Consultation and Training program for children and adults who present academic, social, and behavioral challenges.  Quinn Developmental Services has been designed to offer the same expertise as research based programs yet in a mobile therapy format.  In sum our program is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) integrated into education, community and the home.

How long has the program been around?  Quinn Developmental Services was released in 1994.  The Co-creator /Assistant Executive Director, Eileen Quinn (BCBA), spent well over 15,000 hands-on hours during the development phase; as well as more than 30+ years of experience in the field while working along side some of the top leaders in Applied Behavior Analysis.

What kinds of cases do you handle?   Do you work only with the Autism Spectrum?   Although our reputation was built on success with the most challenging of issues (i.e. autism & traumatic brain injury), our quick results with milder issues has widened the variety of cases to include disruptive behavior &/or educational challenges with typical children.  We work with all types of children with special needs as well as issues exhibited by typical children such as those pertaining to toileting, eating, anxiety and challenging behavior.

What kind of experience do QDS’s Associates have?  Our consultants vary, while some have completed their degree (Master or PhD) with a reputable Applied Behavior Analysis graduate program, others have become Behavior Analysts through an online certification while participating in the QDS theoretical and mentorship program.   Our Personal Care Assistants (PCA which we call Field Specialists) vary but can be certified teachers, are in the process of completing their degree in Special Education or have had previous experience in the industry.

QDS implements an in-house training protocol for Behavior Consultants and Personal Care Assistants (PCA which we call Field Specialists) to include a tiered process of theoretical and applied training with competency checklists and client feedback.  To support overall effectiveness, the support system to include family, teachers, pre-school staff, etc. are invited to attend trainings and are provided with regular client specific information and training.

What is ABA? and Do you do ABA?   In order to answer this question we need to first clarify some misconceptions.  ABA actually stands for Applied Behavior Analysis; which is the scientific study of human behavior and the laws and principles for developing, maintaining, increasing, or decreasing behaviors (i.e. behavioral science).  Many in the community have incorrectly confused and/or mislabeled the term ABA to be synonymous with discrete trial training (DTT) also known as intensive teaching.  DTT is a specific method that has been shown to help with skill development.  Although DTT was developed via research within the ABA professional community, it alone only represents one of many tools under the umbrella of fundamentally sound ABA interventions.  If you’re asking, “are we knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of Applied Behavior Analysis?”  YES, all of our Behavior Consultants have comprehensive knowledge of ABA and are required to stay abreast of scientific research.  QDS achieves effective results by incorporating an appropriate and expertly implemented mix of ABA methodologies.

Is your program more “child directed” or an “ABA” approach?   Neither as it depends on the child’s needs and learning style.  Our program has evolved to offer more than a one size fits all style.  We experience more effective results by incorporating an expertly implemented mix of Applied Behavior Analytic scientifically proven methodologies.  We determine, with data based methods, whether there is validity in the methods incorporated so we don’t waste any precious time with the child.  We also work with all those who have long-term involvement with the child such as: parents, extended family, church members, OT, PT, etc.

How long is service provided?  Our QDS Mission Statement is to Empower and Facilitate Independence. Quality is far more important than quantity of hours.  Growth in the child, empowerment of the support system and generalization and usability of new behavior and skills is vital.  Through application and education for support systems we look to facilitate toward independence and away from prompt dependency.  Therefore, we systematically fade service as improvement in the child and support system is demonstrated.  Therefore, the duration depends on the child and his or her particular situation.  Cases involving just one of our assessments only requires involvement for a few weeks whereas, our most challenging cases may have us involved for a period of a few years.

Who funds your service?  Is this Wrap Around?  We DO NOT operate as a Wrap Around provider due to their restrictions and limitations.  We prefer to sub-contract with other established providers.  Currently we have active contracts with a few Intermediate Units, and a growing number of school districts. We also have quite a few self-pay families.

What makes QDS different from other Behavioral Providers?  Unlike becoming a Teacher, Speech Therapist, a Nurse, etc.,  Behavior Consultants can “hang out a shingle” without necessarily having a specific degree, certifications and/or sufficient experience for what is required.

Although there are Behavior Consultants that have had intensive post-graduate programs with excellent theoretical and applied experience, many Behavior Consultants, if even Board Certified, have become such by taking courses on-line followed by a certification test.  A Behavior Consultant, who becomes certified on-line, while getting excellent mentoring can be extremely competent.  However, there are many that have not had the necessary mentoring resulting in “head”, but not workable knowledge to positively effect the children and support system.  QDS Behavior Consultants are of the best in the area.  We are known to be very knowledgeable, come from excellent mentoring, are participatory with the child while advising others, effective, and great team leaders with the ability to teach and empower others.