Quinn Developmental Services

General Education Teacher
“Having taught for 20+ years (18 years in First Grade) I have seen and worked with many children and adults.  However, working with The Quinn Staff was wonderful. It was so refreshing to be able to work with a group of people who looked at children as individuals and truly wanted to see them succeed.  The most recent interaction that I had with Quinn was when we worked together to assist a student and his parents with his Selective Mutism.  I can say with confidence that the realistic services of Quinn were superior to that of others that I have worked with in the past.  They jumped right in, observed the situation, listened to the staff/ parents and quickly put a plan into motion.  .  Knowing that Quinn is out there, reassures me that if in the future if I need support for a student or friend I know who to turn to!”

~Laurie Stehli

School Psychologist
“QDS has truly provided outstanding behavioral support and consultation to our school district.  The QDS team proves their excellence through data-driven results, frequently with positive changes in behavior noted in a relatively short amount of time.  QDS has provided the children with positive mentors; the consultants establish lasting and effective rapport with the children, which ultimately impacts changes in behavior.  The QDS team always provides a theory behind WHY they are attempting a strategy.  What puts QDS apart from other consulting groups is their approach to working with schools; QDS is extremely hands on, but gives school staff the appropriate consultation and training so that teachers are confident to carry out the behavioral interventions on their own.  QDS strategies are so effective, that behavioral progress continues, even when direct intervention has begun to fade out.”

~Annie Smith

Preschool Director
“Quinn Services are head and shoulders above most of the agencies we work with.  They obviously want what is best for the child.  This is evident in the way they work with our school, the parents and other therapists in a collaborative way.  Quinn-PCA’s are always trying to phase themselves out.  They develop programs to help children become less prompt-dependent and more independent.”
~Pam Post

“QDS services have given students strategies to work through their frustration and coping mechanisms that allow the child to gain control of their emotions.  I watch and listen to the ways Ann and Denise work with students and I try to mimic these strategies to help out students.  The transformation of many of our students with behavior issues is dramatic.  The climate of our school has positively changed because of the implemented QDS strategies.”

~Susan Smith

General Education Teacher
“I have learned so much from my interactions with QDS.  I have been teaching for a long time…It is possible to teach an “old dog new tricks.” I am thankful for their training.  I was really frustrated with the inconsistent guidance prior to QDS stepping in.  I was immediately impressed with Ann and Denise.  It is a relief to work with such top-notch professionals.”

~Gail Spears

“Overall, I would have to say QDS service is excellent.  The staff starting with the director down to the field specialist are very involved, caring and dedicated.  They are the best behavioral services!  They have helped my daughter Madison improve in so many ways.  Compared to early intervention services, QDS is more “hands on,” caring, supportive & involved.  Kathy is very knowledgeable, caring, supportive, loving and helpful.  She is always there for me to answer my concerns. I 
love QDS!”
~Carolyn Malervy

Special Education Teacher
“Overall, I would have to say that QDS service is excellent in their professionalism, ability to train adults and work as a team, their understanding of children, and the degree of support that they offer.  When compared to other similar services, QDS is a step above the rest.  Their background knowledge and experience is extensive.  They are consistent, flexible, and professional.  My general feelings about the Behavior Consultants and PCAs are very positive.  They offer a lot of feedback and consistently follow-up and follow through with the plans that they develop and the data that they collect.  In addition, they are open to suggestions and willing to go the extra mile to problem solve and work through some of the most difficult and challenging behaviors.  As a result, these students are making tremendous progress both academically and behaviorally and truly enjoy coming to school each day.”
~Tara McKeon

Preschool Director
“QDS is excellent.  The staff is well educated, knowledgeable and professional.  QDS is heads above any other service we have had in our nursery school.  When a child was under QDS care we watched the child grow and meet behavior goals and experience success.  I have and will continue to highly recommend QDS to any family who could benefit from their services.  They are truly the best!”

~Jackie Anderson

Special Education Coordinator
“As the special education coordinator of a large junior high school I have had the opportunity to work with QDS to facilitate improved student behavior.  We have the QDS Behavior Specialist work with the school team to troubleshoot significant behavioral issues that interfere with student learning and functioning in the school setting.  QDS Behavioral Specialist are able to provide new information to the school team so the school team can put interventions in place to change undesirable behaviors.  When we have a particularly problematic student we have the QDS Behavioral Specialist observe that student and then work with the school team to put a plan in place to address the problematic behavior.  The school team has found this work to be beneficial to the identified student and the other students in the class.”
~Bonnie Keiles